Experience a LIVE Led Zeppelin show!  Featuring the classics you know and love, and deep cuts too. 

The Zeppelin IV is a LIVE tribute to perhaps the greatest 

Rock band of our time. Channeling the true spirit and sound

of a real LIVE Led Zeppelin show. Four professional musicians

come together to do some of the timeless hits and deep cuts.

Born in the desert of the Southwest The Zeppelin IV IS the REAL DEAL. 

Playing exact replica instruments. Including the two most famous 

drum sets, with the gong and kettle drums. To the 70’s keyboards

and pedals. Of course the classic Jimmy Page guitars. This band brings

you back in time when the music was really LIVE and you never get the 

same show twice. 

Featuring the talents of:


Nick Sterling- Guitars, Theremin, vocals

Nick Marshall- Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards, Pedals

Filiberto Lopez- Percussionist, Kettle Drums, Gong

Danny Taylor Pettit- Vocals, Harmonica, Tambourine


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